7:10 PM “We currently have just over 12,000 (down from a high of 85,000) customers out of power, so we are making steady progress but new outages continue to trickle in.  Our current time of estimated restoration is Friday evening at 11:00 p.m.  This particular storm has multiple areas of smaller pockets of customers and around 800 single outage calls that require significant repairs.  Because of this, we cannot provide estimates of restoration for specific areas.  We received another 35 crews this afternoon, and are awaiting the arrival of 14 more.   However, because of travel time, their availability will be limited today.  We anticipate Friday to be very busy.   We worked 70 FirstEnergy crews and 104 forestry crews today.  Overnight, we will have 30 First Energy crews and 29 forestry crews.  We understand the temperature is going to drop dramatically. If you deem necessary, the Cuyahoga County EMA is working with the Red Cross and we have been told that the Red Cross is issuing hotel vouchers for those still without power.”