The Board of Control was established by Article VII, Section 4 of the Charter of the City of Fairview Park, Ohio. The Board consists of five members: the Mayor, a member of City Council selected by the Council, the Public Service and Development Director, the Law Director, and the Finance Director.

The Board meets as necessary to review, deliberate, and vote on contracts, agreements, purchases and other contracting and purchasing matters under its authority. Meeting notifications will be placed on the City Calendar in advance of meetings. All meetings are open to the public.

Meeting documents available below:

Board of Control Agenda October 13, 2017
Board of Control Agenda September 28, 2017
Approved Minutes for September 25, 2017
Approved Minutes for April 18, 2016
Approved Minutes for November 23, 2015
Approved Minutes for October 12, 2015
Approved Minutes for August 10, 2015
Approved Minutes for June 10, 2015
Approved Minutes for February 20, 2015

If you are seeking older meeting minutes or have an inquiry about the Board of Control, please contact Shawn Leininger at 440-356-4412.