The Community Reinvestment Area Program is a tool used by the City of Fairview Park to:

  • Promote the development of new residential and commercial structures, and
  • Encourage the revitalization of our existing building stock.

Under the CRA Program, residential and commercial property owners are eligible to receive abatement of property taxes up to 100% of the increase in the assessed value of a structure. The abatement permitted differs for new construction projects and projects involving the remodeling of existing structures.

Please click here for more information about a Community Reinvestment Area.

Council Members:

  • David Coleman (Chairman)
  • Kenneth S. Pierson
  • David Brindza
  • Fairview Park City Councilperson, Peggy Cleary
  • Fairview Park City Councilperson, Bill Minek
  • Mayor, Eileen A. Patton


Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council Meetings

January 24, 2017AGENDA 012417
March 21, 2017