15776345-standardOn Wednesday, November 19, 2014, Mayor Eileen A. Patton and Service & Development Director Rob Berner met with Shelly Sponholz, Sr. Vice President Real Estate and Development for Giant Eagle, along with Jim Chickini, Vice President Real Estate Leasing and Development and Dante DePiero, Regional Director of Operations Northern Ohio.

We are very pleased to report that the Fairview Park Giant Eagle has assured us of their long term commitment to maintain and enhance the type of neighborhood grocery store Fairview Park residents want and need.  We shared with Giant Eagle officials the comments from residents voicing concerns on the cleanliness of the store, freshness of products, availability of items, and customer service.  We have their commitment that these concerns are their concerns and will be or have been addressed.

Positive efforts are underway to refresh the store so customers can have a quality shopping experience.  A new Manager is now in the Produce Department to ensure the freshest produce is available as the store receives deliveries of produce and vegetables seven days a week.  The restrooms have been remodeled, and the wine and beer area will soon follow. The Fairview Park store will continue to position itself as a community grocery store by servicing the individual needs of the local community.  All Giant Eagle locations, including Fairview Park, will be undergoing a “reset” process in the coming months where the stores’ product mix and shopping flow are enhanced to best meet local needs.

We look forward to working with Giant Eagle corporate offices along with Maureen Hanna, our local store Manager, to help Giant Eagle become the grocery store our residents want and to create a positive shopping experience for our community.  We want to encourage our residents to continue to provide input and feedback which is very helpful in achieving a positive shopping experience.  We have a unique opportunity to create something good in our community by working together.  We are happy to see Giant Eagle has made a long term commitment to enhancing their customers’ shopping experience here in Fairview Park.

– Mayor Eileen Ann Patton