The Codified Ordinances of the City of Fairview Park, Ohio, are professionally updated on an annual basis.

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Last updated November 8, 2016

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Summary of 2016 Changes to Ohio Revised Code and Fairview Park Codified Ordinance 

(Legislation passed between June 16, 2015 and November 8, 2016)


CHAPTER 174          

Adopting New Codified Ordinance Chapter 174 Income Tax (Ord. 15-42, passed 11.16.15)


 Amending Section 351.19_Waivers (Parking) (Ord. 16-22, passed 10.03.16)


 Sections 911.15 and 911.16 for Sewer Rates and Collection (Ord. 16-23, passed 10.03.16)


 Amending Section 929.06 Solid Waste Collection Charges Extension (Ord. 15-50A, passed 01.19.16)


Amending Chapter 1129 to Permit Mixed Use in Office Building 3 Zoning District (Ord. 16-16A, passed 06.20.16, subsequently passed by electorate on 11.08.16)



301.04             Bicycle; Motorized Bicycle; Moped.  (Adds “moped” to definition of “motorized bicycle”.)

301.19             Motorcycle.  (Adds “cab-enclosed motorcycle” and “autocycle” to definition of a motorcycle.)

331.21             Right-of-Way of Public Safety or Coroner’s Vehicle.  (Creates penalty exception for violation of Section 331.211.)

331.211           Report of Vehicle Failing to Yield Right-of-Way to Public Safety Vehicle.  (Adds new section creating a procedure for issuing an investigatory report for a violation of Section 331.21.)

335.021           Ohio Driver’s License Required for In State Residents.  (Adds new section requiring new residents of the State to obtain an Ohio driver’s license within thirty days.)

335.031           Driving With Probationary License; Curfew.  (Redefines requirements for operation of a motor vehicle with a probationary license.)

335.09             Display of License Plates.  (Adds “cab-enclosed motorcycle” to vehicles required to have a license plate on the rear of the vehicle. Adds “mopeds”, “motor-driven cycles”, “motor scooters” and “autocycles” to vehicles requiring license display.)

335.10             Expired or Unlawful Plates.  (Changes penalty in subsection (f)(1) from a misdemeanor of the fourth degree to a minor misdemeanor.)        

335.111           Registration Within Thirty Days of Residency.  (Adds section requiring a new resident to register a motor vehicle within thirty days.)

335.12             Stopping After Accident on Street.  (Increases penalty for failure to stop that results in death of or serious physical harm to a person and makes stylistic changes.)

335.13             Stopping After Accident Upon Property Other Than Street.  (Increases penalty for failure to stop that results in death of or serious physical harm to a person and makes stylistic changes.)

341.01             Definitions.  (Adds “gross vehicle weight” to subsections (c)(1) and (c)(4).)

341.03             Prerequisites to Operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle.  (Redefines criteria for who may operate a commercial motor vehicle.)

341.05             Criminal Offenses.  (Adds “commercial driver’s license temporary instruction permit” to first line and subsection (a)(9).)

341.06             Employment of Drivers of Commercial Vehicles.  (Adds subsection (d) imposing additional restrictions on allowing nonqualified persons to operate a commercial vehicle.)

351.04             Parking Near Curb; Handicapped Parking.  (Adds subsections (f)(2) and (i)(3) which prohibit parking in an access aisle and provides a penalty for such violation.)


501.06             Limitation of Criminal Prosecution.  (Changes terminology in subsection (i) to “child with a developmental disability or physical impairment”.)

525.15             Assaulting Police Dog or Horse or an Assistance Dog.  (Revises the language of subsection (e)(5)D. hereof.)

529.01             Liquor Control Definitions.  (Adds subsection (c)(2) clarifying that beer is not an intoxicating liquor.)

529.07             Open Container Prohibited.  (Adds subsections (c)(7) and (f) to permit the possession of an open container in an “outdoor refreshment area” and to exempt persons who are passengers on a commercial quadricycle.)

            (Adds subsection (c)(8) and (g) providing exemptions for beer or intoxicating liquor purchased from specified D permit holders in a market within a defined F-8 permit premises.)

(Adds “A-2(f)” permit to subsection (c)(1)A; adds new subsection (c)(1)B.)

537.051           Menacing by Stalking.  (Adds prohibition of knowingly causing another person to believe that the offender will cause physical harm or mental distress to a family or household member of the other person.)

537.10             Telecommunications Harassment.  (Adds subsections (a)(6) – (11), (b)(2), (e), (f) and (g)(5) to (7) to expand telecommunication harassment offenses.)

537.17             Criminal Child Enticement.  (Changes reference in subsection (f)(3) to Ohio R.C. 1546.01.)

541.04             Criminal Mischief.  (Amends subsection (a)(1) to cover mortgaged property.)

541.13             Vehicular Vandalism.  (Changes reference in subsection (a)(3) to Ohio R.C. 1546.01.)