The City of Fairview Park was awarded a $66,600 Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source grant in 2014 by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and United States Environmental Protection Agency to restore eroding streambank, reconnect floodplain, replant riparian area, and reduce nutrient loads along a highly visible section of Coe Creek.


BEFORE. Unprotected streambanks along Coe Creek have eroded over time due to fast moving water during rain events

Coe Creek Streambank Restoration Project - After (1)

AFTER. Stone weirs were installed to alter the flow of the creek and protect the streambank.

Project Site

Coe Creek is a small tributary to the Main Stem of the Rocky River that flows west to east through the heart of Fairview Park. Coe Creek drains storm water from three square miles of Fairview Park and North Olmsted. The project site is located in the northeast section of Bain Park near the intersection of West 210 Street and North Park Drive. Adjacent is Bain Park Cabin, a historic structure frequently rented for public and private events.

This tree in project area has been undercut over time due to erosion.

This tree in project area has been undercut over time due to erosion.

Project Need

A 170 linear foot reach of Coe Creek immediately upstream of West 210 Street was experiencing accelerated streambank erosion at rates greater than one foot per year. This erosion led to a loss of recreational space, undercutting of streamside trees, and increased instability adjacent to a nearby culvert. This erosion contributed ~18 tons of sediment, 29 pounds of nitrogen, and 11 pounds of phosphorous each year to the Rocky River Watershed.

Project Activities

The floodplain was re-connected by pulling back the streambank and excavating excess soil. The modified streambank was stabilized using erosion control matting and live stakes to allow seeding to become established. Boulder toe protection was installed in various locations to protect existing streamside trees from being further undercut. Volunteers reforested an upstream section of Coe Creek by planting 200 native trees and shrubs (click here for photos).

Project Results
Areas within the project site targeted for stabilization

Areas within the project site targeted for stabilization

The majority of construction occurred in October of 2014 with the planting of live stakes and Virginia Creeper being postponed until April of 2015 to maximize viability. This project will produce the following results:

  • Restoration of 170 linear feet of eroding streambank.
  • Restoration of 125 linear feet of floodplain.
  • Reforestation of 1/3 acre of riparian area via planting of over 200 trees and shrubs and live stakes.
  • Reduction of 10 tons of sediment, 16 pounds of nitrogen, and 6 pounds of phosphorous per year.
  • Demonstrate to City officials, community members, and visitors one method of restoring eroding streambanks.
Project Partners

This project was implemented by the City of Fairview Park in partnership with the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and the Rocky River Watershed Council. Design, engineering, and construction services were provided through a contract with a team led by Davey Resource Group that also included NTH Consultants, TGC Engineering, LLC, and Marks Construction. This project was financed funded by a grant from the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act.

Download the Project Fact Sheet (PDF)

Media Coverage
New trees planted along Coe Creek

New trees planted along Coe Creek

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