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ReadyNotify is a mass notification system used by the City of Fairview Park and other Cuyahoga County municipalities. Its primary use is to communicate emergency events and safety messages to our residents, when rapid and accurate information is essential for your immediate safety.

Subscribers will receive notifications via e-mail and via the following delivery methods of his or her choice:

  • Cell Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Fax

Participation in ReadyNotify is voluntary though strongly suggested. The ReadyNotify system represents a valuable communication tool for both the City and its residents during emergency situations.

A valid email and phone number will be needed to sign-up. During the registration process, you will be asked for information about yourself such as your address, your primary language, and if you require any special assistance during an emergency event. Only information indicated with a star * is required. Click below to begin the registration process.


6643665Nixle is a free community notification system that allows subscribers to receive neighborhood-level public safety and community information via text message, e-mail, and the web.

This service offers four types of messages: (1) Alerts (many would refer to this as an emergency type alert); (2) Advisories (less urgent need-to-know information); (3) Community Information (day-to-day neighborhood to community-level information); and (4) Traffic (very localized traffic information). Your account can be customized so you receive only the information that matters most to you.

Not sure you want to sign up? Still have questions? Visit Nixle’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Current City of Fairview Park Accounts

Fairview Park Police Department

Fairview Park Fire Department

Why are there two notification systems?

Good question! The City of Fairview Park is currently transitioning its emergency notification procedures from Nixle to ReadyNotify, a new FREE system offered by Cuyahoga County.

Current Nixle subscribers are being asked to switch over and subscribe to ReadyNotify as use of Nixle may be discontinued in the future. Use of both systems will be continued during this transition period.