Community Garden Expansion, May 2015The expansion of the Fairview Park Community Garden began the weekend of May 30-31, 2015. Gardeners and volunteers were on hand installing new fence posts, cutting and removing sod, rototilling new garden plots, and laying wood chips. When the project is complete, the Community Garden fence will have been extended 70 feet to the east, allowing for the creation of two dozen additional garden plots.

Didn’t know Fairview Park has a community garden? The Community Garden was created in 2009 and originally featured only 15 garden plots. With assistance from local volunteers and Eagle Scouts, and with contributions of supplies from the City of Fairview Park and Home Depot, the Community Garden grew to 44 active garden plots. During the 2014 growing season, the Community Garden was at capacity and was used by over 90 individual gardeners.

With this latest expansion, the Community Garden will feature 68 garden plots, a few of which are currently available for rent. If you’re interested, contact Garden Coordinator Amy Brennan at (440) 655-1021 or via email.