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On November 8, 2016, Fairview Park voters will be asked to approve a zoning amendment which will redefine the zoning district classification “Office Building 3”.  This change would permit mixed use developments in the Office Building 3 zoning district.  Mixed use developments include developments consisting of at least 8 acres with a combination of office, retail, restaurant, hotel, and/or residential uses.  There is currently one property in the City of Fairview Park with an Office Building 3 zoning district classification.  This property is located at 21000 Brookpark Road, the former site of NASA on the north side the road.

The ballot language is as follows:

“Shall Section Chapter 1129 Office Building Districts of the Planning and Zoning Code of the City of Fairview Park be amended to permit mixed use developments in Office Building “3” districts?”

A majority vote of electors voting in the municipality and also a majority vote of electors of Ward 5 are necessary for adoption.

YES                __________

NO                  __________