america_bloom_300The Fairview Park community is hosting two judges from the national America in Bloom award program on July 22 and 23, 2015. The judges will tour Fairview Park and evaluate the community on six criteria: floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, environmental efforts, heritage preservation, and overall impression. In addition to the possibility of receiving awards, America in Bloom will provide the community with a report identifying Fairview Park’s strengths and areas of improvement with regard to beautification. This report is intended to serve as the foundation for a beautification strategy that will involve multiple community partners and organizations.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Fairview Park,” said Mayor Eileen Ann Patton. “Our participation in America in Bloom has truly been a community effort. The Fairview Park America in Bloom Committee is now asking for assistance from residents and community members. In order to put the community’s best foot forward, every property owner is being asked to ensure his or her property is in tip-top shape for the tour dates.”

America in Bloom is a nationwide program, based out of Columbus, Ohio, that promotes quality of life and beautification by encouraging the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements. The program actively works to achieve its mission through community building and collaboration. More information on America in Bloom is available at