On December 29, 2015, the Fairview Park Police Department responded to a complaint of a vehicle’s catalytic converter being stolen from the parking lot of a Lorain Road apartment complex. While investigating the theft, officers obtained video surveillance footage from the complex’s security system.

The video showed a large sport utility vehicle pulling into the parking lot and parking next to the victim vehicle at approximately 1:00 am. A male exited the S.U.V. and walked around the victim vehicle. A second male remained in the driver’s seat of the S.U.V and acted as lookout while the first male removed the catalytic converter of the victim’s car. At approximately 1:05 am, the S.U.V. drove away with the first male and the stolen catalytic converter inside.

The Fairview Park Police Department need help identifying the males and the S.U.V. in the video.

Please contact the Fairview Park Police Department at 440-333-1234 if you have any information.