The City of Fairview Park operates under and is governed by its Charter, first adopted by the voters in 1958, which has been and may be amended by the voters from time to time. The City is also subject to some general laws applicable to all cities whether or not they exercise home rule. Under the Ohio Constitution, the City may exercise all powers of local self-government, as well as police powers to the extent they are not conflicting with applicable general laws. The Charter provides for a Council-Mayor form of government.

Legislative authority is vested in a seven-member Council. Two members are elected at-large and the remaining five are elected from wards, for four-year terms. The presiding officer is the President of Council, who is one of the Council members elected at-large. City Council sets compensation for City officials and employees, and enacts ordinances and resolutions relating to the City services, tax levies, appropriating and borrowing money, licensing and regulating businesses and trades, and other municipal purposes. The City Charter establishes certain administrative departments; City Council may establish divisions of those departments, and create additional departments.

The City’s chief executive and administrative officer is the Mayor, who is elected directly by the voters for a four-year term. The Mayor appoints, subject to the approval of City Council, the directors of the City departments. The Mayor also appoints members to a number of boards and commissions, and appoints and removes, in accordance with civil service requirements, all appointed officers and employees, except City Council officers and employees. The Mayor may veto any legislation passed by the City Council. A veto may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of all members of City Council.

Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Fairview Park is to deliver high quality city services, plan future growth and manage our resources effectively with a sense of pride and community spirit. We strive to deliver our services with an emphasis on quality and innovations. The decisions and actions that we make today are guided by our goal to preserve our heritage and provide a legacy for future generations.