FP green team logo v2The Fairview Park Green Team is a volunteer group of residents whose mission is “to achieve a greener, sustainable community by developing, evaluating, recommending, and implementing programs, policies, and best practices that facilitate sustainability and reduce environmental impacts in our community.”

The Green Team was assembled in 2011 by Mayor Eileen Ann Patton as a means of developing the City of Fairview Park into a model sustainable community for current and future residents.

Three areas of sustainability have been identified as priority areas of focus for the Green Team:

  • Active transportation: Pedestrian travel (e.g., walking, bicycling, etc.)
  • Water: Stormwater management, water quality
  • Waste diversion: Recycling, composting
Coe Creek Stream Team

Rocky-River-WatershedIn October 2014, the Green Team was officially recognized as the “Coe Creek Stream Team” and a partner of the Rocky River Watershed Council. In this role the Green Team will act as stewards of Coe Creek, which runs throughout Fairview Park, and advocate for activities that improve its health.

The Rocky River Watershed Council is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, restore, and perpetuate a healthy watershed through public education, watershed planning, communication, and cooperation among stakeholders. It is the only organization dedicated solely to the protection and restoration of the Rocky River Watershed.

Want to Join?

All Green Team events are open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to attend a Green Team meeting or event to discover how the group operates. Visit our Facebook page for more information.