Leaf collection in Fairview Park has begun.

How does it work?
There are two crews, one on the north side and one on the south side of Lorain. Crews move from the western end of the city toward the eastern end, “vacuuming” leaves as they go.  Once they reach the eastern end of the city, they begin the round again.

During the first few weeks, crews move pretty quickly.  Once leaves start to fall in earnest, the pace slows due to the amount of leaves that need to be collected.  When this occurs, we will update the “leaf tracker” on this website to helps to inform residents where the trucks will begin the next day so you will know how close they are to your home.

Leaf collection officially runs through the end of November.  We try to keep going into early December, weather permitting.  Leaf collection trucks are also used for snow plowing so if we run into bad weather, collection can be delayed.

Please do not rakes leaves into the street. Leaf piles in the street obstruct traffic flow, cause accidents, and entice young children to play in them, oblivious to road traffic.

Leaf piles also block the normal drainage flow of water on the street and many times completely block the storm sewer. With evening temperatures getting colder, there is a danger of standing water freezing.

Yard waste collection runs through the end of November as well.  You may also put leaves into yard waste container(s) until that time.

During the times of year without leaf pick up or yard waste collection, you may also place them in your blue rubbish cart for pick up on regular collection days or you may use plastic bags and place them at the curb on Bulk Collection Day (the third Monday of each month.)