NOPEC LogoIt’s time for NOPEC’s (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) Electric Anniversary Opt-Out mailer.

Every three years, NOPEC is required by the PUCO to give all of its customers an opportunity to opt-out or remain with NOPEC’s supplier, NextEra.

Opt-Out Card:  To opt-out, you must mail in the opt-out form found at the bottom of the letter or you will automatically be enrolled for another three years. To opt-out, of the aggregation you must notify NOPEC or before December 12, 2016.

Rescission Time: CEI will send a postcard/letter confirming that you have chosen NOPEC/FES as your supplier.  If you decide you do not want to be a NOPEC customer, this allows you seven calendar days to change your mind.

To stay with NOPEC, simply do nothing and throw the letter away.

NOPEC CUSTOMER SERVICE: 800-292-9284.  For pricing, please visit NOPEC Electric Pricing.

For the complete package, please click here: Electric Opt-out Information Packet 2016