Accompanying the onset of spring and warm temperatures is the return of wildlife that lay dormant during winter months. Should you be confronted with an animal nuisance issue, please be aware of the following:

The Police Department has a limited role in resolving animal-related situations. The department employs an Animal Control Officer whose job is primarily to enforce Fairview Park’s animal-related laws (see Section 505 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Fairview Park). The Animal Control Officer’s activities including following up on domestic animal complaints, maintaining our kennel for stray dogs and cats, and offering tips on how to discourage wildlife from damaging your landscaping or nesting on your property. The Animal Control Officer will also lend out live traps, but you must agree to contact a licensed exterminator who will humanely euthanize any captured animals. It is illegal to release trapped animals elsewhere in the State of Ohio.

The members of the Police Department are not game wardens. As such, we do not trap animals or remove nuisance wild animals. Nuisance wild animal issues are best handled by a private exterminator. There are a number of local exterminators. Contact the Police Department for examples if you have trouble locating one.

Examples of situations during which you can call the Police Department or the Animal Control Officer for assistance include:

  • A deer or other animal has been struck by a car and is still alive and suffering;
  • A raccoon, opossum, skunk, rabbit, etc. are obviously sick or injured and acting unusually and are in sight at the time;
  • A bat, squirrel, raccoon, etc. got into your house or garage and you know where it is located; and
  • A wild animal has bitten a person.

The following are examples of some problems that are not handled by the Police Department or the Animal Control Officer:

  • Deer, groundhogs, rabbits are eating your garden or landscaping;
  • Skunks or moles are digging up your lawn;
  • A raccoon or opossum has nested in your chimney or the eaves of your house or garage;
  • A groundhog, skunk, rabbit, or chipmunk has burrowed/nested on your property; and
  • A hornet or yellow jacket has nested on your property.
Please direct any animal control issues to the Police Department by calling 440-356-4415.