Police CarsMayor Patton and Police Chief Upperman would like to remind residents of some guidelines to protect themselves from being a victim of theft. We recently had more than a dozen vehicles entered, all of which were unlocked, and a car and bike stolen at the eastern end of town.

  • Lock your car doors as well as the doors to your home.
  • Do not keep valuables in the car, especially if visible from the windows.
  • Report any suspicious vehicles, persons, or activity to the police desk at 440-333-1234. Try to get vehicle descriptions (color, make, model, number of doors, vehicle type, approximate year of manufacture) or license plate if possible. Posting items on Facebook may alert neighbors, but does not help catch the culprits, nor is it monitored by the Police. Please call the police – be assured you are not bothering us when you do so.

If someone is actively breaking into your car or home, call 9-1-1 immediately and do not confront the individual(s) yourself.