Are You Okay? is a free service that uses pre-recorded telephone messages to check on the welfare of residents living alone in Fairview Park. Telephone messages are set for a designated time. If the person answers the telephone call, they go about their business as normal.

If the person does not answer the telephone call, the system tries again a few minutes later. If several calls go unanswered, the police dispatch center is alerted and attempts will be made to contact one of the listed emergency contacts. If the Police Department is unable to locate an emergency contact person, then a welfare check on the resident will be made by safety forces.

Participants in the program must be residents of Fairview Park, live alone, and be able to answer the telephone. In addition to providing emergency contact information, participants will need to provide a house key that will be placed in a secure lock box on your front door. The box will be installed by the Fire Department and will only be accessible to Fire Department personnel. 

Residents can subscribe to the program by contacting the Police Department at 440-356-4415.