You are about to experience the real excitement of communicating via the Internet.

Below you will see what are called “Links”. By clicking on any of the underlined phrases, you will be transported directly to a different web site someplace in the world. You need not care where.

You will notice that we “link” at the top of this page to the various departments of the city of Fairview Park website so that you can brush up on our city history.

These training sessions are being sponsored by two local clubs. The Computer Assisted Genealogy Club (CAGG) and the Northeast Ohio PC Club (NEOPC). The links herewith provide a method to move to either of those websites. Check them out.


Hotmail (email) – This link will take you to the email handler for those of you who have this type account.

Yahoo (email) – Our present classes concentrate on this email system. Go here to check out your mail or if you don’t already have an account – start one here.

Google Search Engine – This is a powerful search engine and will provide you with hours of enjoyment on varied subject. Just go here and key in your favorite topic to see what the computers around the world know about your topic.

Ixquick Search Engine – Another search engine which is owned by a Dutch company. It is a metasearch engine which means that it searches several databases to get its search results. Ixquick uses Yahoo/Alta Vista, Gigablast, Ask Jeeves/Teoma, Open Directory and 7 other search engines. It is available in 18 languages.

Dick’s Favorite Links – You may travel the “net” even further by selecting this link. Those listed there are slanted toward genealogical research places. You might find them interesting.

FP Senior Center Group (Yahoo) – New this year (2007) is the availability of this “group” concept of communication. All of our class members are encouraged to establish a connection to our own private message area. Our class schedule / calendar is displayed here and various meetings of significance are noted. Senior Center activity photos will be displayed here as well. A class on the use of this “group concept” will be a part of our normal scheduling. Of significance is the fact that acceptance into this group is private and must be approved by the moderator.


To view the Computer Lab Calendar, please click here.