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Fall Leaves

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Leaf crews have completed the final sweep of the city for the year.

Please do not rake leaves into the street.

Raking LeavesReason #1 – Safety: Leaf piles in the street obstruct traffic flow, cause accidents, and entice young children to play in them, oblivious to road traffic.

Reason #2 – Obstruction: Leaf piles block the normal drainage flow of water on the street and many times completely block the storm sewer. With evening temperatures getting colder, there is a danger of standing water freezing.

Reason #3 – Time: It takes our crew much longer to pick up wet leaves in the street than it does off the tree lawn. The reason being, the leaves drain off and the ground absorbs the moisture – the street does not.

Reason #4 – Parking: Cars tend to park out into the main travel section of the road. Also, car fires have occurred because of catalytic converters.

Reason #5 – Law: It is illegal and a safety hazard to place leaves in the street (see Ordinance 74-36, Section 543.04 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Fairview Park). Whenever a City employee, be it a police officer, foreman, or service worker is called to deal with leaves in the street it takes them away from other important duties.

Your neighbors, their children, motorists, and the Service Department will certainly appreciate your efforts. If you have questions, call the Fairview Park Service Department at 440-356-4410.

Once Yard Waste Collection Ends for the Season…

As the growing season ends, please be reminded that the last day for yard waste collection occurs in late November.  After that date, and before weekly collection resumes in the spring, you may put yard waste in your blue rubbish cart for pick up on regular collection days or you may use plastic bags and place them at the curb on Bulk Collection Day (the third Monday of each month.)


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