Snow-PlowThe Fairview Park Service Department is responsible for keeping more than 100 lane miles of roadway cleared of snow. Roads are plowed in this order of priority: main streets, secondary streets, side streets.

City street plowing will result in some snow being pushed onto driveway aprons. It is the homeowners responsibility to clear snow on driveway aprons.

Sensible Salting Practices

Along with other communities, the City of Fairview Park uses Sensible Salting Practices to minimize damage to roads and the environment, and to save on salt costs. A combination of sensible salting and frequent plowing keeps roads safe and passable. Sensible salting means:

  • Only key areas and intersections are salted during heavy snow events
  • Limited use of salt on secondary and side roads
Parking Ban

An emergency parking ban takes effect when there are two inches or more of accumulated snow within the City. At that time, the parking of vehicles on any City street is prohibited [C.O. Section 351.17]. The law enables plows to clear snow from the streets so that cars and emergency vehicles can move through the City safely and efficiently. When a winter storm occurs, the City’s goal is to keep the streets clear and safe for plows and emergency vehicles.

Sidewalk Clearing

Every owner, occupant, or person in control of a lot or land in the City that includes sidewalk intended for public access is legally required to keep the sidewalk free from snow, ice, slush, dirt, mud, and any other foreign substance [C.O. Section 543.01].

Please also keep hydrants clear of snow. Thank you for your cooperation.