Sewer_coverThe City of Fairview Park experienced two separate extreme rain events in 2014 causing sewer back-ups and basement flooding on the western end of the city. It was determined a comprehensive evaluation was needed to address the city collection system to prevent future problems. The City hired Black & Veatch, a consultant with expertise in sewer system design and management, to perform the evaluation. The preliminary report was presented to the City in November and a public meeting was held in Council Chambers on November 24 to present the findings.

The report indicated the need to develop a skeletal model to identify the deficiencies in the sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and surface water collection systems. City Council is currently reviewing legislation to begin the process of developing the skeletal model (Ords. 14-66, 14-67, 14-68). The skeletal model will provide the City a blueprint for improvement projects. It will identify project priorities and the estimated cost associated with the improvements required to correct the flooding concerns. The skeletal model is projected to be completed by late summer, early fall of 2015.