Yard Waste BagsThe 2016 curbside collection of yard waste will begin in Fairview Park on Monday, April 11. Yard waste is collected seasonally as part of the City of Fairview Park’s contract with Republic Waste Services. Collection occurs annually from the second Monday in April until the third Monday in November.

All yard waste should be placed curbside on Mondays in brown paper yard waste bags or placed loose in a trash can marked “yard waste.” You may include grass clippings, tree leaves, tree and shrub prunings, wood chips, small vegetable and flower plants, and other vegetative matter.

Tie branches and limbs (6” or less in diameter) in bundles that are less than 3 feet long with rope or twine.

Yard waste is taken to a composting facility; therefore, plastic bags cannot be accepted.  Do not use wire to bundle.  No dirt, sand, rocks, asphalt, brick or concrete.

Bags, cans, or bundles must not exceed 40 pounds, and should be placed curbside along with your blue and green receptacles.