The City of Fairview Park encourages its residents to keep their properties properly maintained and to assist neighbors who may be struggling to do the same. Complying with the city’s property maintenance standards benefits our community as properties that are not well maintained negatively impact the property values and quality of life of surrounding neighbors.

Annual Inspection Program

The Building Department conducts an annual property maintenance program to help ensure the preservation of maintenance standards in our residential neighborhoods. Visual inspections are performed from the street or sidewalk to determine whether a structure complies with all applicable codes and regulations.

Each year the Building Department selects a different area of Fairview Park for inspection. The selection of an area is in no way a negative reflection on any specific property or neighborhood. Selection is based on an overall assessment of the city and a rotation schedule. It is our goal to assess every area of the city on this rotation.

In the event corrections to a property are necessary to comply with maintenance standards, the Building Department will send the property owner an advisory letter outlining said corrections. To ensure compliance, a re-inspection of the property will occur a reasonable amount of time after the advisory letter has been received by the property owner.

Responding to Complaints

Property maintenance inspections are also initiated in response to complaints received by the Building Department. Anyone can file a property maintenance compliant by contacting the Building Department at 440-356-4405. Complaints should include the address of the subject property and a detailed description of the concern.

When received, a complaint is assigned to an inspector and entered into an internal database where progress is tracked.

When a violation is confirmed, the law requires that the property owner be notified via written legal notice that a violation exists. However, the inspector may first attempt informal contact either in person, by phone, or by mail. If contact is made, the violation is reviewed with the property owner and a written order to correct the violation within a specified timeframe may be issued. If attempts at contact fail, a written legal notice will be sent by the Building Department.

Non-Compliance with Corrections

Your efforts in maintaining your property are appreciated. The enforcement of Fairview Park’s property maintenance regulations is critical to the future of our city, and the Building Department is prepared to work with you to make any necessary property corrections a reality.

Property owners that fail to comply with a violation notice may face legal action.

With regard to tall grass and weed violations, the City of Fairview Park will abate the problem if compliance isn’t achieved within the given timeframe, and invoice the property owner for the cost of the work. Any invoices not paid by the due date will be forwarded to Cuyahoga County and placed as an assessment on the property taxes.