Auxiliary Police BadgeThe Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Unit is a volunteer unit of up to 25 officers sworn to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Fairview Park, Ohio. A part of the Fairview Park Police Department, the purpose of the Auxiliary Police Unit is to assist regular officers in maintaining order and public relations with the public.

Being an Auxiliary Police Officer means you are a volunteer, sworn to uphold the law and protect the citizens by being an additional set of eyes and ears. The Auxiliary Unit supplements regular police patrols and assists with duties of lesser urgency that would keep them from the important job of protecting the community.

Auxiliary officers perform a varied range of duties. From service-oriented activities such as traffic control, vehicle lockouts, vehicle buddy bumps, and school guard duties to police tasks such as prisoner checks, prisoner meal pickup/delivery, warrant pickup assists, vehicle impounds, vacation watches, and evidence transport.

Auxiliaries also perform many special details. From Memorial Day weekend through October 31, they man Park Patrol, which consists of patrolling all City parks and closing them down at the appropriate hour. Auxiliaries assist with the various parades that take place in Fairview Park each year as well as a number of community and charity events, including Shop With a Cop, Operation Medicine Cabinet, and Santa Patrol.

Interested in joining the Auxiliary Police Unit? Contact Chief Paul Shepard at 440-356-4415.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Officer different from a Regular Police Officer?
Auxiliary Police Officers are not commissioned law enforcement officers and do not have the authority to write tickets, make arrests, or carry a firearm. Auxiliary officers are tasked with more service-oriented activities designed to assist the public and create a more positive rapport with the citizens.

What are the qualifications for being an Auxiliary Police Officer?
Applicants must:

  • Be 21 years of age at date of hire. Applicants may be 18 years old, only if they are currently enrolled in college courses with a focus in criminal justice.
  • Have a high school degree or GED equivalent.
  • Have a valid Ohio Driver’s license and be able to pass a background investigation.
  • Be in good physical condition.

Individuals who live outside of Fairview Park are welcome to apply.

What are the expectations of Auxiliary Police Officers?
Auxiliary Police Officers are required to work a minimum of 120 hours per year, or 10 hours per month for the first two years of duty. Required minimums drop after the completion of two years of duty.

There are set details such as monthly meetings that Auxiliary Officers are required to attend. Participation is also required at major events such as parades and Summerfest. There are also variable details scheduled as they occur.

There is a Basic Auxiliary Police Academy that occurs on a Saturday and is eight hours in length. The academy covers policy and procedure, vehicle and radio use, traffic direction and control, patrol techniques, and more.

Upon completion of the Basic Auxiliary Police Academy, new Auxiliary Officers must ride with another Auxiliary Officer with at least two years of experience for at least eight hours. New officers must complete 40 hours with another Auxiliary and 40 hours with a Regular Officer before they will be permitted on solo patrol.