Bicycling is a fun, healthy activity encouraged in the City of Fairview Park. However, to bike ride safely, it is important to understand and comply with the following bike-related laws. For additional information, view Chapters 373 and 375 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Fairview Park.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycles in Fairview Park are required to be registered with the Police Department. Doing so increases the chances of a bicycle being returned if lost or stolen.

Register your bicycle at the Police Station, 20777 Lorain Road, between the hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. You will need the make, model, and serial number of the bicycle to complete the registration. Registration costs $1.00. Bicycle owners will be issued a decal that is required to be firmly affixed to the bicycle.

When riding at any time, a bicyclist:
  • Must ride with regard for the safety and rights of pedestrians, other bicyclists, drivers, and occupants of all other vehicles.
  • Must obey all official traffic signals, signs, and other control devices applicable to vehicles.
  • Must ride sitting upon a permanent seat.
  • Must have at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • May ride in the street if he or she is older than 12 years of age.
  • May not ride upon a freeway.
  • May ride upon the sidewalk in areas not congested with pedestrian traffic and not containing signs prohibiting bicycling on sidewalks.
  • Must yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Must give an audible signal before attempting to pass a pedestrian or another bicyclist.
  • May not attached him or herself to another vehicle.
When riding on the sidewalk, a bicyclist:
  • Must walk his or her bicycle if the sidewalk is congested with pedestrian traffic.
  • Must walk the bicycle across an intersection or a street.
  • Must pass all blind people on foot.
When riding in the street, a bicyclist:
  • Must give hand signals before turning, changing lanes, or stopping.
  • Must be 12 years of age or older. Children under 12 years are prohibited from riding in the street.
When parked, a bicycle:
  • Must be locked if parked on public property.
  • Must not interfere with building entrances, pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic, and sidewalk access. Use bike racks when available.
All bicycles:
  • Must have a functional brake.
  • Must be equipped with a device capable of giving an audible signal, except for sirens or whistles.
  • Must have a white light on front and red light on back when being ridden between sunset and sunrise, or when it is raining. Both lights must be visible from at least 500 feet. Also required are a white reflector on front and a red reflector on back.