It is the policy of the City of Fairview Park that all records of the City are public records unless they specifically exempted by the laws of the State of Ohio. Records include, but are not limited to, any document in paper, electronic or other format that is created, received by or come under the jurisdiction of City offices to document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations and/or other activities of the City.

Records will be organized and maintained in a manner so that they are readily available for inspection and copying.  The City will establish, maintain and regularly update record retention schedules.

Records Requests
Although no specific language is required, a person requesting public records must identify the records with sufficiently clarity to allow the City to identify, obtain and review the records.   Should the request not be clear, the City will contact the requester (if possible) and ask for clarification.  A request for public records does not need to be in writing, nor is the requester required to their identity or the reason for requesting the records and the City will not require or request such information. However, the requester may provide the City with a written request, identity or the reasons for the request should they choose to do so and the City will acknowledge the request in writing.

Production of Records
The City will either provide the requested records for inspection promptly and copies will be provided within a reasonable period of time.  Generally, records requested will be provided for inspection within three (3) business days after the request is made, inspection to be conducted during regular business hours.  Should records not be available within three (3) business days, the City will inform the requester when the records will be available, the estimated cost of the records and whether clarification of the request is necessary.  Records will be provided on the medium upon which they are kept.  The cost of copies must be paid for by the requester prior to the records being provided.

The volume of the records requested, location of the records and time for any necessary legal review and/or redaction will be taken into account when determining “promptly” and “within a reasonable period of time.”  The City will notify the requester of any information redacted, make the redaction plainly visible and be explained, including legal authority.  Likewise, the denial of a public records request will include an explanation with legal authority for the denial.

Cost for Records
Records may be reviewed and inspected without cost.  Copies will be made available upon request at the actual cost of copying the records, depending on the format as follow:  paper copies:  five (5) cents per page, files downloaded on to a compact disc: $1.00 (one dollar) per disc, and electronic files via email:  no charge.  Records can be mailed to the requester via US Mail if the requester pays for the actual cost of postage and mailing supplies.

Link to Ohio Revised Code: Chapter 149.43 – Availability of public records for inspection and copying