Street repairsThe City of Fairview Park operates an annual Street Repair Program targeted at maintaining the quality of Fairview Park’s public streets. The number of streets that may be resurfaced and rehabilitated each year depends on a number of variables including street length, traffic volume, number of years since a street was last serviced, and available funds.

The Street Repair Program is funded by a 0.25% income tax, the tax dollars from which go into a fund dedicated to street maintenance and other associated capital improvements. Per city ordinance, this tax levy must be renewed by voters every eight years. The last renewal in November of 2013 represented the fourth consecutive ballot issue approved by the voters of Fairview Park.

The table below shows the street repairs made to present, beginning with Program Year 21. For repairs made prior to Program Year 21, click here to view a color-coded map.

Calendar YearProgram YearStreets Repaired
20172018- Coffinberry Boulevard between West 196th Street & Henry Road;
- Concord Drive;
- Mildred Avenue;
- Esther Avenue;
- Parkcliff Drive;
- Spot repair on West 227th Street immediately south of Lorain Road;
- Concrete repairs on West 220th Street at Macbeth Avenue and the I-480 Bridge;
- Crack sealing on West 210th Street south of Lorain; and
- Crack sealing on Westwood Avenue
201627- Angela Drive
- Bohlken Park Entryway
- Rivercliff Drive
- West 224th Street (Intersection of Mastick only)
- Westpark Drive (North Park to Eaton)
201526- Carolyn Drive*
- Mastick Road (Eaton Road east to Bridge)
- Riviera Drive
- Sharon Drive
- South Valley Drive
- West 214th Street (North of Addington Blvd.)
(*in partnership with the City of Rocky River)
201425- Eastwood Avenue (West of West 210th Street)
- West 208th Street (Lorain to Eastwood)
- West 220th & Mastick Road Intersection
201324- Henry Road
- West 226 Street (Westwood to Clifford)
- Cracksealing in Various Locations
201223- Grannis Road
- Spencer Lane
- Valley Forge Drive (West 210 to Concord)
- West 204 Street (Woodstock to Rocky River City Limit)
- Curb work on Lorain Road
- Drainage on Westpark Drive
- Drainage on Rockport Lane
- Cracksealing in Various Locations
201122- Alexander Road (West 220 to West 224)
- Bain Park Drive
- Macbeth Avenue (West 220 to H.N. 22425)
- Sandy Lane (West 220 to H.N. 22310)
- West 212 Street (Campus to Hillsdale)
- West 220 Street (Fence Replacement on Bridge, Minimal Concrete Repairs)
- Crack & Joint Sealing in Various Locations
201021Crackseal Program Only. Work completed on:
- Bohlken Park Parking Lot
- Brookpark Road
- Gemini Center Parking Lot
- Lorain Road
- Story Road
- West 210 Street (Lorain to Center Ridge)